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WCC library services

If you need...

  • an article of a journal housed in at the Ecumenical Center in Geneva, but you are unable to go there
  • to consult a document from Bossey, but by no means can you go there
  • help with your research

the librarian, together with the WCC archivist, are most happy and ready to help, and provide you assistance.

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The WCC Library (located at the Ecumenical Institute in Bossey,) is part of RERO, the Library network of Western Switzerland. The Library is open to the public on appointment and for consultation only.

Loan is restricted to the students and Faculty of the Bossey Institute, WCC staff, staff of ecumenical sister organizations based in the Ecumenical Centre. Exceptions may apply.

Conditions of use

Users have to respect  the premises and documents they are using.
Documents in the Archives are available for consultation upon appointment fixed in advance with the Archives staff.

Loans to beneficiaries

Loan period: 28 days, renewable 3 times, if the document is not requested by an other user. For each renewal of the loan period (after 28 days) the users need to notify the Library. The loan period for teaching staff and PhD students enrolled at Bossey is 1 semester, maximum.
Number of items per loan: max. 20 (40 for teaching staff and PhD students enrolled at Bossey).
Documents in the Archives, as well as reference works, periodicals, and dissertations, are not available for loan.

Loans between the two sites (the Bossey Library and the Archives)

Documents from Bossey can be delivered free of charge to the Archives within one week, if requested by WCC staff, staff of ecumenical sister organizations based in the Ecumenical Centre, and Archives users (only for consultation in that case).

Library documents in the Archives can be made temporarily available for consultation in Bossey, for the use of teaching staff and the students.


Each item which has been lost or damaged must be replaced by the user against payment of min. 50.00 CHF.
In case of violation of these regulations the user will be held responsible. In extreme cases this may lead to temporary and/or permanent exclusion from loan services or even from use of the Library.