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The WCC library furthers ecumenical theological education and research...

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The WCC Library shares its online catalogue with the RERO Library Network of Western Switzerland. The documents of the WCC Library have the mention "GE WCC Bossey" for their location.

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The WCC Library offers various online resources (databases, online journals, ebooks) in the field of religious studies and ecumenical theology.


About the WCC Library

The WCC library furthers ecumenical theological education and research at the Ecumenical Institute at Bossey and worldwide.

Since its foundation in 1946, the WCC Library, has been dedicated  to the collection, preservation and provision of information resources documenting the history of the modern ecumenical movement, as well as working closely with WCC Archives to safeguard the institutional memory of the WCC and its predecessor organizations.

Today the WCC Library, housed in Bossey, serves the academic needs of the Ecumenical Institute, students, faculty, researchers, visitors, and WCC staff, thus furthering ecumenical theological education and research on campus and globally.

The WCC Library holds about 100,000 volumes and 900 specialized periodicals, some more than a century old. This includes a unique and comprehensive collection on ecumenism and the history of the ecumenical movement since the early 20th century, and collections in specialized areas such as biblical hermeneutics, social ethics, missiology, contextual theology, and interfaith dialogue.